Delicious and authentic since 1982

In Santa Margherita Ligure, in the quaint neighborhood of Corte, you will find the historic Fiordiponti bakery, which has been an authentic interpreter of ancient Ligurian recipes since 1982. Founded by Alberto Fiordiponti, who oversees production on a daily basis and runs the Ligurian business with his family.

Liguria? That’s not all!

In 2018, the first store opened in Milan, with the same traditional recipes as always.

We have a mission: to bring the unique taste of fugassa to all of Italy.

A few simple ingredients

Extra-virgin olive oil, flour, water, yeast and a pinch of salt; rediscover the original flavors and aromas of a product loved by all.

But it’s not just focaccia: every day we churn out pizza-style flatbreads with stracchino cheese, round focaccia, multigrain focaccia, turmeric focaccia, classic cheese focaccia, and more.

PS: Have you tried our farinata (chickpea flour crêpe)?

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Skilled craftsmanship

All bakery specialties are handmade, in earnest, by our artisan bakers.

The leavening of the dough at a controlled temperature for 5 hours, the manual processing and crushing carried out by our bakers combined with selected ingredients guarantee a product of the highest quality.

The Menu

Sustainable production

We work every day to ensure greater sustainability of our products.

We do our best to avoid food waste

We save end-of-day unsold food by donating it to the non-profit Opera Cardinal Ferrari or selling it under shelf price on TooGoodToGo.

More sustainable energy

We only use LED lights in our stores, thereby limiting and optimizing our consumption.

An act of love for the environment

We have eliminated the use of PVC from packaging by using only recycled plastic and paper.

Are you getting hungry? :)

Discover our menu and order your focaccia at home.

The Menu

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